Passport Has Arrived & Upcoming Travel Plans


I am now a travelling lady! ... or I will be...I'm really quite excited about it all.

I'm really looking forwad to  my trip to Palm Springs - not just for the amazing time I'll have - but I'm going to travel to more places in less time then I ever have before.  What do I mean? I think I mentioned that my grandpa took care of my flights for me using his points....well points have their limitations.  Each flgith will have three transfers!


So here's what it's going to look like - I'm interested to hear if I'll be landing in your state!?

Depature Day:
  • Calgary , AB  (1:25pm) - Seattle Tacomoa, WA (2:20pm)
  • Seattle Tacoma, WA ( 3:45pm) - Salt Lake City, UT (6:41pm) 
  • Salt Lake City, UT (9:30pm) - Palm Springs, CA (10:12pm) 
Return Day
  • Palm Springs, CA (6:00am) - San Fransicso, CA (7:30am)
  • San Franciso, CA (8:17am) - Vancouver, BC (10:33am)
  • Vancouver, BC (12:00pm) - Calgary, AB (2:18pm)

so - it's going to be pretty intense - but I have four whole wonderful days to spend in Palm Springs with my Best Friend!!

I'm a little nervous because I've only ever flown from Alberta to BC.... I've never done any hop-skipping...so little nervous, but I know it's all going to work out wonderfully

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  1. you'll do fine! & once you're there you'll have a whale of a time. :)


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