sloooowww internets.

That's what i have.

I mentioned on Saturday that Shaw came to install our TV - well something happened while the guy was here.  I was impressed to begin with because despite which appeard to be a severe hangover - the technician was professional and looked into our internet issues while he was here(the single was dropping a lot - but when we had it, it was strong). 

He put an ampliphier box back (which the last tech had taken) which is supposed to allow everyone to get cable in their rooms or some such thing.  He changed a cable which looked like it had been spliced poorly (the one in our room - behind the cable hook up in the wall where we hook up to the internet) & our 'nitro' high speed internat promotion ended.

We still have high speed internet - and Shaw only gave us that promotion b/c of some other issue we had 6 months ago (can't remember what it was now).

Well....since he left the internet has been very very slow...it's rediculous! The internet has never been THIS bad and i've been here for going on 3 years.....

Jordan wasted over an hour on the phone with their 'tech support' last night just doing different speed tests....which all had the same result = slow. The best that they could do was send someone to check on the modem on saturday! 

If it doesn't improve soon - i'm calling customer service.  No way I'm paying for the internet when we can't use it.


  1. Nothing worse than slow internet. I used to have dial-up. NEVER will I be able to go back to that!

  2. Seems like all internet/cable tv providers are the same... unhelpful, expensive and basically useless. Good luck!

  3. You should insist they discount or give you the slow days for free entirely. Whenever I have issues with the internet, if it's crawling, I ask for them to write off those days from the bill. They usually comply when I point out I'm not getting the service they'd be charging me for.

  4. I have a good friend in the Lethbridge area and he had problem after problem with his Shaw. Keep track of your contacts with them and document the problems you are having.


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