Palm Springs is a Go!

I have the most amazing family!

My mom recently went to Las Vegas with my grandparents.  On that trip it came up that my Best Friend had invited me to Palm Springs and I was sorting out whether I could go or not.  My Grandfather, in passing, told my mom he thought he might have enough Airmiles for a trip like that.

That was a few weeks ago.

I wrote last Thursday, about all the things I figured I needed to organize to be able to go - one of the biggest hurdles would be money (next would be getting my passport and approved time off work).  Well, my mom read that post - and unbeknown to me she e-mailed my Grandmother and asked if Grandpa was serious, because if he was my trip was coming up fast.

Well last night my mom called me - my Grandpa is going to fly me to and from Palm Springs with his Airmiles.

I feel absolutely loved.

In half an hour, I'll call him at work to confirm the dates that i'm flying and then at lunch I'm taking off for an hour - or so - to drop off my passport application.  Processing times are about 10 days right now - and there are 16 (business) days until fly day.

It's close. Real Close. It's all going to come together.


  1. oh! I completely forgot to mention that part!

    It's still not a great time to leave work - we're super busy, but I've got permission!

  2. I was going to tell you that you can fly to Palm Springs for like $50 or something crazy with Allegiant Air. :)


  3. That's so nice of him! All 8-9 of us are also going to and from Holland on Airmiles! They really do add up. Enjoy your trip, bring back grandpa something nice :)

  4. What a nice grandpa!

    Palm Springs should be wonderful this time of year. Not too hot like the triple digit degree in the summer.

    Remember to stop by Desert Palm Spring Outlet.


  5. what a wonderful grandpa you have!!!

  6. Yay! I love when everything comes together!

  7. Awesome - so glad for you! Yay for family.


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