is still not here.

Now - I was told it would likely arrive on March 26th - but I'm still getting nervous.  Why?  I asked one of my friends on the list of people they call and hey haven't been called by Passport Canada yet.

I was going to use the tracking option with Canada Post to see where it's at, but I forgot my receipt at home - so I'll have to wait until this evening or tomorrow to do that.



  1. Don't worry. I just received my passport at the beginning of this month and they never contacted any of my references! :)

  2. This may be a silly question- but are you close enough to an office that you could go maybe pick it up? I know my parents needed their passports for an International trip one time and they ended up driving and picking up their passports up at an office instead of waiting for it to be mailed..

    Its just a thought... but perhaps this isn't an option if its already in transit in the mail.

    Best of luck! Lets us know when you get it! I'll cross my fingers for you :)

  3. It will come. Have faith.

  4. Don't worry about that. (I have never had a reference called, I've been getting passports since I was 12.)

    We just had ours done, they arrived almost exactly to the day predicted.

  5. but passport Canada never calls anyone. they just want names in case you are a felon and THEN they call... are you a felon? o_O

    if you pick it up, it's usually within 10 days. if it's mailed, it's usually about 2 weeks.


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