Taxes are Complete & Filed


That was one other thing I accomplished over the weekend.  I did my, Jordan's and my grandmother's taxes.  I've used QuickTax for the last several years and so love how easy it is.  You can use their Easy Step process which asks you a bunch of questions or you can just fill out the forms page by page.  I normally really like the Easy Step - but this year it was like they had dumbed it down so much it was confusing! I went back and forth quite a bit between Easy Step and Forms to make sure I had done everything correctly - but after using the software for so long, it was pretty simple.

Our refunds will be just about the same - we're each getting about $440!  Not too shabby. My grandmother is getting about $2 back (she has no income, just receives government benefits).

We had originally planned on putting that money towards our house fund, but we're both concentrating on getting our debts paid off - so instead Jordan's will go to the truck loan and my refund will go to my Canada Student Loan.  It'll feel pretty great to put a lump sum on the debt like that.

It will move Jordan's debt free date up a month to June, 2010 from July, 2010 and make my journey to being debt free in 2010 that much easier.


  1. thats great! I still haven't even looked at my taxes.



  2. Wow you're quick on the ball with that. I am still waiting on a couple of forms that will undoubtedly be in the mail this week.

    I envy you doing your taxes yourself.I don't think I know enough to be able to do that on my own yet.

  3. Yay for taxes being done. I am going to get all our stuff together next weekend. No excuses.

  4. @ Canadian - I'm on it every year, I just can't stand giving the government an interest free loan any longer than possible - they certainly wouldn't give me one (said with some humour)

    @ Jolie - I'm sure the bank will send revised RRSP contribution forms for the first 60 days of 2010 - but Jordan and I both know how much we contributed, so didn't worry about waiting.

    @Mom - excellent! You can always get them done, and wait to file them :)

  5. Awesome idea! :)

  6. Yay for you. I'm still waiting for a few receipts from my bank. :(

    I think it's smart to pay off debt now while the interest rates are low. The Bank of Canada should be raising it soon!

  7. I think you're doing right by putting the money on the debt. That's what we're doing with ours. Like you, I don't like to let the gov't have any more of my money for any longer than they have to. I sent mine in last week and I looked on-line and my refund will be in my account on Thursday! I love Quick tax and on-line filing!

  8. Awesome! I'm just hoping I don't owe this year :( My dad is doing my taxes this year. I'm all ready for them to be filed, just waiting on him!

  9. we haven't even though about doing taxes yet. i figure we're doing good putting all the tax stuff in an envelope in the kitchen so we'll know where it is when we get our acts together.

  10. Another reminder that I need to get my act together and do my taxes...


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