BMO Sega....

Today, I hate the Bank of Montreal.

All I wanted to do was change the payment frequency of my auto loan...shouldn't have been a big deal. They messed it up so bad the first time that my mortgage payment bounced. thanks.

Then...then..after it was 'fixed', I found out that it actually wasn't.

As it turns out the payments we had made weren't a change to the old frequency. They had just put the old payments on hold and created new principal payments.


So when I called yesterday b/c Friday's payment hadn't gone through I was told that while I had made $200 in principal payments, my account was in arrears by nearly $400.


Plus today's $100. Awesome.

So, I had to come up with a whopper of a payment that we weren't expecting or planning to avoid the account being sent to collections or some such thing.

We didn't even get a phone call. And it was THEIR mistake.

Hate them.

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  1. Banks are really bad sometimes with account payments. Except for special clients banks know they can afford to make mistakes because it's not likely their customers will leave them. Hope you weren't charged any extra interest, but you can usually get that back if you ask.


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