Tax Assessments

Do you check yours?

Have you ever contested it?

For my NetWorth post a few days ago I went to my cities website and did a search for our tax assessment - pretty quick and easy!  In looking at the details of the page, it indicates the square footage, if the basement is developed, if there is a fireplace and if their is a garage.

All of our details were correct...except for the garage.  It says we have one, we don't.  I called in to let them know, and the person I spoke to was amazing.  Very helpful!  She made the change right away.

Today, I got a letter in the mail that said my monthly tax payment has been reduced from $189.36 to $183.38 until Mail, 2012 - a savings of $29.90.

Not too shabby for a 10 minute phone conversation.


  1. I am waiting to hear back from my assessment authority for the rural property that came in too high. I have til the 31st to appeal.

    1. Hopefully that get's fixed in time! The days are going by quickly.

  2. You should get a refund too for the extra taxes you paid last year because of the error.


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