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So, I know this is a long post - but we really need help deciding what to do....all comments are much appreciated :)

Jordan and I spent an approximate combined three hours on the phone this past Saturday morning with Shaw, Bell and Telus.

We did a detailed review of our current services and then price matched with Bell and Telus followed by another call to Shaw (our current service provider) to see if we could push for any price changes on our bill.

It's a game. a very competitive one at that - and these providers know it.  They no longer are going to just drop the price, or give you a promo rate just because you ask for it - you have to know your stuff when you call in to force their hand.

....and, you have to be patient.

A part of our conversation was also a review of the need for a home phone.  Jordan and I each have a cell and we still have a home phone.  Crazy...who needs three phones, plus we each have phones at our respective offices.  I'm considering canceling my cell phone and keeping the house phone for more significant savings - really...I don't need to be checking my email when I'm grocery shopping or making a twitter update when I'm mowing the lawn.  Jordan uses his phone for work - so we're a bit more limited with cancelling his.

Here is a detailed break down of the numbers and special offers:

Overall, Telus offers the most competitive long term pricing.   You can see from my notes that Shaw is offering a six month discount, and Bell a 12 month discount - but long term, Telus beats them both. 

Bell would come with a two year contract and Telus with three years - pretty significant commitments when Shaw offers no-contract service.  They do try to sweeten the pot with the aforementioned temporary  discounts and with Telus - a $300 pre-paid Visa.

So here's where we need help.

Jordan is sold on Telus - not only is it the best pricing, we would also be able to get fiber optic services - the latest and greatest - beyond standard cable and satellite...so they say.  

I am apprehensive about the contract.  The wording in the cancellation clauses are pretty serious - basically they could bill you for any promo's you received in addition to discounts on rental receivers ect. (so that includes that $300 pre-paid visa).    They also can bill you for downgrading services - so you have to be sure when you sign up that the services will meet your needs.  So cancelling - would not be an option.

The flexibility to cancel all services should our financial circumstances ever change is pretty important to me (say a maternity leave sometime in the future for example).  However, I'm pretty sure that we would never cancel the internet...so I'm torn.

The $300 pre-paid visa would go towards our back yard fund to help pay for that project.  The 2013 savings of $742.20 would also go towards the back yard fund.

So...what do you think?  what would you do?


  1. With Telus and Bell you don't have a cost for your home phone - what are planning for that?

    We recently did a price comparison too, and the final decision was to keep internet and digital home phone, but we cancelled all cable and satellite, and installed 2 antennae in the attic. The service provider we went with is Tek Savvy and so far so good. It's been 3 months now and our bill for internet and home phone is $80/month.

    1. With Shaw - we have a promo that pays for the phone so we would keep it. With Telus and Bell - there's no benefit, so we would cancel the home phone with them.

      Wow - no cable or satellite - I'm not sure I could convince hubby of that.

  2. What are the chances you would really cancel your cell phone? Do you have to keep the home phone to get a bundle discount with Shaw? Would your contract price with Telus go up in the next 3 years or are they locked in, too? $2200 savings over the life of the contract + the $300 Visa is pretty significant. Think hard on whether you would actually cancel anything while on Mat leave, and you will have your answer. (I don't think J would like you to cancel TV, either, Mat leave or not.

    1. The chances are actually good that I would cancel my cell - I'm kind of tired of it...but that's a year away (still on contract). Yes, we have to keep the phone to keep the bundle discount w/ shaw - but that's only for six months - then we lose the bundle price and would cancel the home phone anyways (total bill will go up $5).

      I think the flexibility is good - but the likelyhood that we would actually cancel is pretty slim - you're right...JJ isn't a fan, but does see my side about the flex-option.

  3. I wouldn't drop your cell phone for the only reason it is mobile and it has it's uses for emergencies and other minor conveniences.

    Now I would say go with Telus but I understand your worry of the cancellation clauses; if the clauses are only for the duration of the three year contract I would still go with them because I don't think you would really cancel the service in three years. Before you switch though, talk to some of their customers and make sure the service is good. Fiber optics is awesome, they aren't lying but you still want to make sure the service is not down a lot or slow because of bottlenecks or anything.

    1. Thanks Rafiki! Totally appreciate the input.

  4. Thanks Rafiki this help me a lot. A very thanks to Jessie to made blog & share their opinion with all. Tv service or antenna service tech changes day by day.


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