Centerpieces & Isle Flowers

This past long weekend I went to my parents place in BC to spend some time with my mom putting together the centerpieces and ceremony isle planter pots.  Other than getting a nasty sunburn, it went really well and was low cost too!

We had gathered the centerpiece pots and painted them a while back and had some excellent soil that we had been given a while ago which was fantastic.  My mom graciously bought some miracle grow as well as the flowers (approx $175) and we had bought some large planter pots from Walmart (approx $30) as well.

All told the total cost was just over $200 for our centerpieces (25) and isle flowers (12).

Here's some photo's of pulling everything together:



  1. I always had this idea that a wedding outside of the traditional would cost a tonne but you are changing my mind. I have no idea what I want my wedding to be like but I know it's going to be awesome knowing that it is possible to do so many amazing things on a budget. Thanks Jessie.

  2. Very creative and frugal. I love it :-)

  3. They are pretty. I like that they won't die two days after your wedding. You can either have your guests take them or keep them for you place.

  4. They are doing very well in this rainy weather

  5. Lovely colours and a nice idea, just fyi it's *aisle*


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