Lawn Chairs - Doin' it Right

It seems that most of what I've been writing about lately are just checking in posts with where our spending is at, and it's usually not in a good place these days.  We are actually doing somethings right - so I'm going to try to start sharing some of that too.

The weekend before last, for example, instead of going out and buying new lawn chairs I fixed the two of ours that had torn so the arm rests weren't held up anymore

I spent about $5 at Walmart for heavy duty thread and a needle and spent a couple of hours patching the four armrests - was actually pretty pleased that they all worked out!


  1. Yip Yip. Congrats. It's great to remember the good points. Try never to dwell on the negative.

  2. Good for you! Stay focused and positive :)


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