Economical Center Pieces

One of the small ways that Jordan and I intend on saving money for the wedding is flowers, center pieces, and decorations.  Typically people spend a tonne of money on these items - and it makes sense, to a point - they have the potential to significantly impact the 'feel' of the wedding.  That said, Jordan and I would rather not hemorrhage our bank account.

So...on to my second DIY project (the first was our invites).

When my company first moved to our new building a few years ago everyone received a flowerpot/flowers on their desk.  Three years later - there are stacks of these things everywhere as plants have either died or been re-potted.  I've been collecting them for a while, and finally had enough for each table.

We're going to paint them grey and plant purple flowers in them.  Hopefully planted flowers will add to our outdoor/BBQ theme and be cost effective.  While they are not technically our favours, we're happy for a few of them to go home with people.

So far I've painted all of the bases and about 2/3s of the pots.  Once I'm done (tonight hopefully) I will spray them with a waterproof sealant.  The insides of the pots are unpainted as I don't want the ink/spray to leach into the soil.

As we already had the pots, soil, paint and sealant - this is very cost effective.  The only thing left to buy are the plants!


  1. awesome idea! I made my own centre pieces as well. I could not justify the expense some of them! For mine, I used a tall round glass jar (but not really a jar) for a candle holder ($4 from Michael's). Then we bought plain cream, unscented candles ($1 each). We filled the base of the jar with little earth toned rocks that are used in fish tanks (my dad had extra so this didn't cost us anything). We wrapped two layers of gold ribbon around the candle (a few bucks per roll from Michael's). And finally, we scattered fake autumn leaves on the table (a few bucks a bag from Michaels). All in all, I figure our center pieces were under $7 each. Not bad huh?

  2. I love the idea of real plants for the centerpieces. It will be beautiful and people will love being able to them home to remind them of your special day each time they look at them. When we got married I bought "round" glass bowl-like vases, dropped them off at the florist and had the florist float one rose in the bottom of each round clear vase. I had enough for each lady to take it home at the end of the night. I, myself, replaced the live rose with a fake one and it sits in my bathroom near the tub. Others have done the same. It's simple and classic and stands the test of time.
    And not too expensive either.

  3. Great idea! So smart of you to gather up all those pots! :)

  4. lovely idea...I hate cut flowers any ways!


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