CHRP - Exam One Down

On May 7th I wrote the first of two exams I need to pass before I will become a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP). These are some of the advantages of the designation as described on the CHRP website:
  1. Proven Expertise - HR professionals who pursue the CHRP must meet all requirements set out by their provincial HR associations, which aim to measure their competence and experience as HR professionals. By pursuing the CHRP designation, you’ll prove your ability to tackle all aspects of HR and demonstrate to employers and colleagues alike that you are a true HR expert. Click hereto learn more about the steps to obtain your CHRP designation. 
  2. Continual Learning – To maintain your designation, you will be challenged to continually update your knowledge and skills in HR. As a CHRP, you’ll gain expertise and leading edge knowledge to help you manage complex and dynamic HR issues and, ultimately, become a strategic advisor
  3. Demonstrated Commitment – CHRPs must undergo rigorous studies, comprehensive exam(s) and ongoing learning. They are, in short, committed to the profession over the long-term. By pursuing your CHRP, you demonstrate your commitment to constantly updating your HR skills and highlighting your long-term passion for the profession. You join the class of HR professionals that employers seek out.
  4. Knowledge Community – As a CHRP, you are part of an exclusive, nationwide community of HR experts. Through special events, conferences, publications and websites, you can connect with other HR professionals from across Canada. This powerful network proves invaluable as HR professionals look for solutions, ideas and the ability to connect with others in the field.
  5. Ethical Behaviour – CHRPs commit themselves to high standards of ethical behaviour. They are held to the CCHRA National Code of Ethics that covers a range of important professional issues including confidentiality, conflict of interest, professional growth and more. You gain confidence from your employer, colleagues and peers with the knowledge that you are committed to a Code of Ethics that demands the highest standards for the profession.
Once I pass the first exam (NKE - national knowledge exam), I will formally be a CHRP candidate.  I'm excited to get my grades back....it will take 6-8 weeks!


  1. congratulations, I am sure you passed with flying colours!!!!!

  2. Good luck. Do you really enjoy being in human resources, like do you see yourself doing it for a long time or is it something you just like for now?

  3. Congrat's! You're on your way!

  4. Good for you! I haven't heard of this before. Do you know how it differs from the PHR or SPHR classifications that SHRM does?

  5. Thanks All!

    @ Babyblue - I haven't heard of those designations before

  6. @babyblue the CHRP is a Canadian designation as the PHR or SPHR is an American one. Also, the PHR and SPHR differs in terms of level of career (professional vs senior whereas anyone who passes the two exams (NKE and NPPA) becomes a CHRP. We have a SHRP (senior human resources professional) designation that is something completely different.

    Feel free to check out www.chrp.ca or www.hrpa.ca for more information :)

  7. I've been checking out your blog on a regular basis and just want to say good luck! I received my CHRP certification last year and I was very proud of myself. LOL Although, I didn't pass by very much...! They advertised the list of last year's CHRP designation recepients in the Globe and Mail a couple of months ago too.


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