Custom Cowboy Boots

A few people seemed interested the other day when on my frantic 'to do' list they saw that we were going to be wearing cowboy boots for the wedding.  Jordan was able to find a pair that fit perfectly and were the right colour!



My boots will be be 15 inches instead of the standard thirteen - yehah! I'm pretty excited about that!  They will have a the same stich pattern as Jordan's and will also have black tops, but purple bottoms!  The picture to the left is just to show the height.  They didn't have exactly what I was looking for, so my boots will be custom made (an extra $60) and will be ready in three to four weeks!

Jordan's boots will have a pattern similar to this one, but have a charcoal grey toe - I couldn't find an exact replica so will have to take a picture and post it later.

We were able to get a 20% discount on Jordan's and 10% discount on my pair, which is super exciting!  So we wound up spending a total of  $554 ($306 for mine and $248 for Jordan's).


  1. You make me want a pair of cowboy boots. Since we just moved to the country, maybe I should give in and get a pair.

  2. I love that you are putting your own style to your wedding and not doing the typical wedding that everyone sees all the time.

  3. The boots have me interested in what the entire ceremony will be like and how it will be decorated.


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