Current Brain Melt

I'm a stress case, so I'm hoping that writing all of the things in my head will help keep them out of there for a while so I can get some work done :) 

Wedding to do List:
  • Confirm with caterer that she did the walk through of the facility
    • confirm she's happy with the resources
  • Contact fire department re: hosting the twoonie bar
  •  Sort out who our MC is going to be
  • Get some pictures organizes for my grandma
  • Need business cards from safe ride program in wedding city
  • Need to sort out hair/make-up --> decide if paying for bridesmaids/momma
  • Put together a CD of music we like to give the the DJ so he has a sense of what we like
  • Decide on appropriate ceremony music - source it
  • Design thank you cards
  • Update registry - now that we're buying a house things may change
  • Decide if we are going to do a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner/brunch
  • Talk to groomsman about their clothes
Wedding Shopping List:

  • Wedding Bands
  • Flights to Vegas
  • Grey balloons- many many balloons
  • Guestbook
  • Groomsman gifts
  • Fabric
    • 10 m of lilac polly-cotton
    • 55m grey ribbon
  • Cowboy boots, yes, custom purple cowboy boots
  • Spices for favors
  • STAMPS - Had some return to sender invitations as well as will need these for thank you cards
  • Fertilizer - re: yesterday's post
  • Groom Suit


  1. Yes, cowboy boots! I hope you wear them with your dress? A friend of mine got married a couple years ago and wore boots for at least part of the time. They have some amazing pictures of her in her dress and boots.

  2. Yes - to wear with the dress!! yeeha!

  3. No wonder your head is swimming. So much to do. So little time! It will be worth it in the end.

  4. One of my friends at work got married last summer and it was all cowboy theme. She had gorgeous cowboy boots with her dress. It was amazing

  5. Oooh cowboy boots, sounds awesome!


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