Libraries = Awesome

Huzzah! Today, I discovered my public library.

I'm getting geared up to study for my first of two CHRP exams and needed some reference material.  I didn't want to purchase textbooks, just wanted to supliment some of my old ones from University - so off to the library I went.  I haven't gone before mostly because I thought it was just too far out of the way w/ no parking.  Well, there wasn't any parking, but Jordan dropped me off and just drove around for a while before coming back.

$12/annual membership fee - not so bad.


  1. I love libraries! Just imagine, all the books you want, whenever you want.

  2. I'm so glad you found what you needed there!!

  3. No parking? Were you at the downtown branch? That's the only one I can think of that wouldn't have parking.

  4. Yes! Libraries are a whole world of awesome!

    What happens if you don't pay the fees? Do you still get access? In Canada, we just pay our taxes so that everyone can have a library card. No annual fees. Even the card is free!

  5. Membership fees?!? What's with that? I often have to pay overdue fees which probably add up close to $12 over the course of a year (hehe oops!).

    But libraries are awesome! I love to get books there monthly but it's also cool to check out the DVDs and Wii games they have available!

  6. I'm surprised that there was an annual charge. You probably already got your money's worth so everything on top now is a bonus.

  7. @ Anon - that's right, I was downtown.

    @ Two Degrees - I'm in Canada too, this is very likely a municipal based decision rather then provincial or federal. Often students/seniors get reduced rates.

    @ Girl Makes Cents - I would have been surprised if their weren't fees - otherwise, how is the library supposed to be funded?

    @ ND Chic - I think you're right!


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