Where the Money's At: House & Wedding

I had a great visit with my mom and grandma on Sunday/Monday we got a lot of errands run for them and I got to decompress and talk wedding talk.  A few conversations in with my mom had me admitting that I've been ignoring the money a bit because I know it's really tight - which of course, is not going to make anything easier.

Let's look at what we need for the house first:

The total cash we need for the house includes our 5% down payment and 1.5% for closing costs for a total just over $22K.  In my spreadsheet, amounts in red have already been processed by the home builder.

We have submitted the request yet, but we'll be used our RRSP's for the majority of the 1.5% we need.

Now that I see the big picture, It won't be so hard to come up with another $1,500 for the rest of the 1.5%.  This money won't necessarily be spent, but it is a requirement of the lender that we have it available for closing costs.  They need to see the money in our accounts three months before we close, so we should have it there by August.

Next, the wedding:

We've currently spent just over $4,500 on the wedding and have about $11,500 left worth of project expenses (breakdown to the left).

The current wedding fund has dwindled due to the aforementioned  expenses, but my projected monthly budgeting has has in good shape.  It looks like we'll need about another $1,000 in addition to what we are projecting to save/spend over the next few months.

We have to keep in mind that this does not include money for our honey moon, but I do have money set aside in August's budget for that.

So, all told we need to come up with another $2,500.

That's actually not so scary.

I should also probably admit that our current credit card bill is really high, but I'm going to pretend for the next five minutes that it's not.  I'll do a credit card post tomorrow to own up to that.


  1. You are so organized! Everything will fall into place. Two major Events happening in your life, you must be really excited.

  2. Knowing is better than not knowing, isn't it?


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