The Final Deal

So it's been a busy couple of weeks since we placed an offer on the new home here in small town British Columbia.  Given that it's actually the third house we have tried to buy, we didn't want to make a big deal out of it unless it was going to happen for real...and we're here, it's really happening.

So, what was the final deal?

It was listed for $289,000, and we settled at $279,000.

We started our offer at $264k, they countered at $284k, then when went to $269k.  Next they came to $281,500 and we countered at $273,000.  They came back at $280, final.  That was hard because we didn't want to go more then $275 - so our agent went back to them and asked if they would meet in the middle of our 'finals'.  They came down another $1,000 and we took it.  The $4,000 difference wasn't worth losing the house and only translated to a $13/month difference in the mortgage payment.

The bank appraised the property before approving the mortgage and the value came in at $280,000 - so we felt really good about that and where we wound up.

Oh?  So what did that buy us?

A three bedroom, 1.5 bathroom bungalow with both an attached single car and detached single car garage.  The main floor has 1800 sq feet of living space, and the basement as another 1500.  The lot size is the biggest we have seen in over a year of looking at 100 x 120 feet or .275 of an acre.  It has the space we want for dogs, gardens and kids.

Both the kitchen and main bathroom need renovating, but that's a post for another day.



  1. Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you guys! :D

  2. Congratulations! Your house sounds really cute, especially with all the acreage.

    Just a quick comment on your blogroll - I think Well Heeled has been taken over by a porn site. At least I clicked on it to check out the blog and I was diverted to porn.

    1. Thanks so much, we're super happy with the space!

      oh my! Thank you! Last time I clicked to her blog it looked like she just hadn't paid her hosting fees but I haven't tried again for a couple of weeks.

  3. Congratulations Jessie! Very exciting... and stressful! I'm glad everything worked out as you had hoped.


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