Networth Update

With all of the recent money changes, I thought it was time to do a net worth update.  Our investments keep fluctuating and overall we're down a couple of thousand dollars there, but now that we don't have a mortgage payment (at least for a little while), we'll be able to make up some net worth ground with saving like mad.  We also had a decent tax return due to being able to claim moving expenses.

We've update our net worth charts accounting for the sale of the house, and we've also reduced the worth of our vehicles.  I do include them in our net worth, because if the crap ever did hit the fan, we could sell one or both of them.  This year I just used the online blue book value, but in the past we have had them assessed for trade in value as well.

Our only debt is currently the Kia - it's a 0% interest loan, so we're not in a super big hurry to pay it off, though I do add extra chunks to payments every once in a while.  Once we finalize the purchase of our next house and settle on a budget for some upgrades, we'll be prioritizing paying it off.  Even though it's a 0% loan, it costs us $250/month in cash flow to have it.


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  1. Looks like you're doing well with your savings and net worth. I'm sure you will continue to do so because you are tracking it carefully. Awareness is one of the key things to keeping your finances in order.


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