Tax Refunds

It took some time, but I finally got our tax returns prepped and submitted.  This year was a bit more complicated than others because we were able to make a claim for moving expenses.

The tricky part though, is that Jordan moved for work in 2015, but the house didn't sell until 2016 - so we have to split the expenses across two tax years.  I'm using TurboTax again this year, but needed to spend some time on the phone with the CRA before I felt comfortable going forward.

I have a sizeable spreadsheet and a pile of receipts that document things as much as possible.  Fingers crossed I did it correctly as I've read that moving expenses often prompt CRA to ask for more information or even to audit.

We're looking at a refund of around $4,000!  Woohoo!
Do you have a refund coming your way?  Have you already received it?



  1. We got a federal refund and had to pay the state. I'm sure you can find a good use for your refund when it comes.

    1. Hopefully your refund took care of what you had to pay the state.

  2. Yup! We got our refund about a month ago. It was about the same as what you are expecting. The money went partially to savings, and partially to various expenses that pop up in the early months of each year for us. It's always nice to get money back!


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