So, we've put in an offer and it's been accepted buy the seller.  Now we need to work through the conditions to see if we're going to close on the sale.  They are:

  1. Insurance
  2. Financing
  3. Home Inspection
We had a hiccup with Insurance already that's been worked through.  The house is zoned for both commercial and residential.  At first, the insurance office told us that if we had a total loss on the home we would have to rebuild a commercial enterprise.  After reading the bylaws and a meeting with the town planner, we discovered that the Insurance office was not correct.  We're going ahead with quotes from that, and the other office in town (there are only two).  We have a big list of questions about the house to see about insurance - age of hot water tank, roof, etc.  Hopefully the home owners can get some of that for us and we don't have to wait for the inspectors opinion for that piece.

Next up is financing.  We're pre-approved for the mortgage, but we're also after a renovation loan of about $25,000 for the kitchen and main bathroom.  They need work!  The kitchen is a series of four bargain basement Ikea sections with no upper cabinets in a tight Gally flow.  The bathroom has a curtain for a cupboard under the sink.

Last is the home inspection, which will run us about $900.  There are no current inspectors in town, so part of this fee is travel to bring someone in from out of town.  That is scheduled for about a week and a half from now - just days before we have to waive conditions (the 22nd).
Cross your fingers for us!
We're trying to not get our hopes up, and are anticipating some issues with the inspection - we just hope they don't find any deal breakers.


  1. Good luck. During the inspection is when I always hold my breath.

  2. Good luck for everything!

    Houses, eh. Can't wait to renovate my kitchen but that's probably a year away. We have no power points in the bathroom and hooks instead of a towel rail.

  3. Goodluck!! We had to get a home inspector from a different city as well: gotta love small towns.


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