Emergency Vet Trip

Over Easter, my aunt was in town visiting and took our larger dog out for a walk.  While she was out with him, another large dog ran from his backyard which had the gate left open, and charged our pup.  There was quite a scuffle but after a few minutes, the other dog's owner came and pulled his dog away.  Jordan and I weren't there, and I'm actually glad I wasn't with Little Man.

Our pup seemed fine at first, but a day later we notice she was a bit lethargic and limping a bit.  We combed over her and found that she had been bitten!  Her hair is so long that we missed it at first.

There is no vet in the town where we live, but I called the emergency line in the next town over and made a plan to drive her in the next morning first thing.

The vet shaved her shoulder, cleaned her wound, and gave me a week's worth of antibiotics.  Here she is sitting in the back of the Escape waiting to go home.

I felt so awful for her, but she's already feeling much better.

One of the best things though, about that trip. Is when I went to pay ($115), I grabbed my credit card...and then paused.  Then I pulled out my debit card.  I didn't need to take money from our emergency fund, or use our credit card.  That felt so good.  That we had money in our day to day that I could use to take care of my dog without worrying about it one little bit.



  1. I'm glad that your dog is feeling better and the vet's bill didn't sink you. I know all too well that pets can be very expensive.

  2. Aw, I'm sorry about your puppy. But it really is a good feeling to be able to afford the unexpected stuff, isn't it? My car is old, and constantly breaking down, but I haven't had to use credit to fix it in months. Love that!


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