Moving Costs!

Jordan and I finally finished moving everything into storage last week.  Instead of renting a moving truck from u-haul, which I estimated would have cost us around $1,500 including gas, three days rental and kilometres - we made the drive to Alberta back to BC 5 times!  We used my mom's 10 foot utility trailer and her pickup truck and then unloaded into the storage container we bought a couple of months ago.

We spent about $300 more on gas than normal, and spent a few hundred dollars on eating out because of all of the trips - but I estimate we saved at least $1,000 by doing it this way.  We were also able to maximize our trips by visiting my great aunt while we were there, and doing some Costco shopping and stocking up on things like TP, paper towel and other Costco type things.

All-in-all, I'm pretty pleased how it worked out.  It certainly wasn't easy trying to get it all done with Little Man in tow, but a couple of friends and my mom helped out in a variety of ways.



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