Crunchy...but not Chips

In our continued efforts avoid eating out, and to eat healthily Jordan asked me to pick up something that was crunchy, but not chips.

We've had some good luck with a few different types of trail mix from Costco, so I thought I would try my hand at making one from the bulk section at the grocery store.  I got a bit excited, and I think next time I could do better by watching for sales (though I did get some one sale).

I spent a total of $17.52 for 1.115kg total mix on:

  • Dried Apple Rings - $1.90 ($12.90/kg - on sale from $19.90/kg)
  • Dried Pineapple - $5.47 ($19.90/kg)
  • Dried Cranberries - $5.77 ($19.90/kg)
  • Mixed Nuts with Dried Banana Chips - $4.47 ($10.90/kg - on sale from $11.90/kg)
From the size of the bag compared to the bag from Costco which was around $15 - I feel okay about the mix but I'm going to start keeping on eye on the bulk section though, and try to pick up a few things as they go on sale, so that our next mix can cost even less.



  1. We make our own trail mix as a snack sometimes and it's great because you can put in whatever you want. We usually use peanuts because they are cheaper than other kinds of nuts. We also use some kind of dry cereal (generic Cherrios or Wheat Chex for extra crunch. Or sometimes we use small pretzels. These are generally inexpensive also. For fruit, we use raisins and occasionally dried cranberries. I have tried dried pineapple before and it's very good, but expensive. And we often add M&M's. These are not cheap, but we try to get end of season clearance ones like the red and green ones after Christmas.

    We don't have a bulk section in our grocery store, so I get all of these things prepackaged. If there's not a sale going on, I usually get the stuff at a discount store like Walmart or Target. Not sure what you have available to you.

    Anyway, keep up the good work of working your goals.

    1. I hadn't thought of dry cereal,that's an awesome idea! Thanks! We don't have a discount store here - just two regular grocery stores, but I'll keep an eye on the chex I think.

  2. Have you tried dried chickpeas? Three Farmers' (the brand) makes them in different flavors. I love trail mix too but find it too sugary, especially all the dried fruits.

    1. I haven't but that sounds like it could be good! Thanks for the tip!


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