February Spend Update

Another month gone...I feel like considering we drove to Alberta five times, we made some real progress here.

We spent about $230 more in gas this past month, but $161 less in groceries and $175 less in eating out.  We didn't quite hit the target of cutting our eating out in half, but I think we made solid inroads.

Alcohol went up a touch because Jordan bought a bottle of rum from Costco that will last a couple of months, so up this month but should be down next.

I bought new shoes this month so I can wear my orthotics indoors and Jordan got a new haircut.

Next is the insurance for the Escape that I mentioned a few weeks ago.  The Annual Expense was my HRIA membership to maintain my CHRP designation.

Then there were just some odds and ends for the house,  Little Man, and some reimbursed trips to the physiotherapist.

This month we were just $200 over budget, so, so close!  We'll get there in March.



  1. Hi, Jessie. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's been good catching up with your spending goals. You are in Canada, right? What's the price of gas there? The gas budget item seems high compared to the prices I'm seeing here. I just paid $1.89/gal which would roughly be $ 00.47/liter. Do have a lot of driving you do regularly?

    Anyway, things are looking pretty good on the money front. Hope they continue to improve.

    1. Hey! You're right, I'm in Canada. The price varies quite a bit, but right now it's almost double what you're paying - around $1/litre. We actually just moved somewhere to where the gas costs more (it was around .60-.70 where we were), but have a LOT less driving do. February was pricy because we were moving. We made a 600km round trip five times.


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