Eating Out Update

I haven't been writing every recipe we've tried, but I wanted to share that we have been sticking true to our eating out ban.  Well, we haven't paid for eating out once this month, but my mom did pick up the tab when we were on a quick out of town trip soon I don't count that.

The picture above is from the night when my husband was craving pizza.  He made these delicious single serve pizza's using naan bread and it went over so well, that he did it again.  We also had an Opa! Greek night when he whipped up homemade tzatziki, chicken kabobs and rice - we used the leftover nana bread instead of pita and had a great night!

Our day to day spending budget has been positive, rolling over each week and we haven't picked up the credit card once.  This is feeling so, so good! 



  1. You may not be eating out, but it looks like you're eating well. :)


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