Breakfast Egg Biscuits

This is picture of my latest money saving endevaour.  It's my take on a McDonalds Egg McMuffin or a Tim Horton's breakfast sandwich - two of Jordan's favourite morning treats.  As part of our efforts to have a zero spend month on eating out, I've been trying to find ways to replace some of our favourite eat out foods while making them healthier at the same time.  I started by frying up some bacon after I had cut it into pieces.  

I set that aside to rest on paper towel and then fried mushrooms, green onions, and green pepper in about 1/4 of the leftover bacon grease.  Next I beat 8 eggs together and then stirred in the veggies in a large measuring cup so it would be easy to pour.  The mixture filled 12 muffin tins about 3/4 or so full.  I topped with bacon pieces and cheese and then baked in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Next up was my families cheese biscuit recipe - I left out the cheese though, because we already had some in the eggs.  There, see, healthier lol.

On groceries for the egg muffins I spent just over $12.  I did some rough math, and tried to account just for the amount that I used, not the amount that was left over in the fridge for the nachos we had for dinner.  The biscuits are just flour, salt, baking powder, margarine, and milk - all things that we already had in the pantry so a bit difficult to price out.

At Mcdonalds, they are about $3.89, and don't have near the veggies, cheese, and meat that I included in them.  So!  I'd say a couple of hours well worth it!  Both me, my mom and Jordan all thought they were tasty!  

Have you ever tried to recreate a meal from a restaurant or fast food place that tasted better and cost less?



  1. Those look really yummy. I have a quicker, but probably not as tasty method for making egg McMuffins. Put a piece of sliced ham or bacon in a bowl. Pour a scrambled egg on it and then microwave for a minute or so depending on your microwave. Remove add a slice of cheese. Zap it a few more seconds if you want to melt the cheese, then put the whole thing on a muffin, biscuit, or a piece of toast. Not bad for about 5 minutes of work. If you don't line the bowl with some meat, you need to use cooking spray or the egg will stick.

    1. Sounds like that would work in a pinch for sure! Quick and easy. Do you bake the biscuits ahead of time, or just pick some up at the grocer?

      I'm thinking our next batch we're going to line the muffin tins with a piece of ham, because they were a bit tricky to get out in one piece.

  2. I usually just put it on toast because I like it that way. I would bake the biscuits ahead of time, but I have had them from the store and they are pretty good.

  3. Those look great! I'm at the end of a night shift right now, and the picture made me really hungry!

    I think pretty much everything I make tastes better than the restaurant versions... but I'm a total food snob, and if restaurant food isn't made with fresh, local ingredients, I swear I can taste it lol. That's why we haven't found it all that difficult to avoid eating out- we tend to like our own cooking so much better anyway!


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