So begins the process of packing up our old house without a new house to put everything in.  

A while back I mentioned that Jordan and I were preparing for this by purchasing a 20 foot long container.  Fingers crossed that it winds up being large enough to hold everything - but if not, there is some space in my grandmother's home that could work in a pinch.

We'll be going into Alberta every weekend in February until the house is packed up and moved.  The first weekend we'll be just finishing getting everything from the basement up and into the garage and everything from upstairs down to the main floor.  Stairs suck when you're moving so if we can do this before even renting the moving truck, we'll be a lot better off.  Fingers crossed that the work I do with physio will help me be productive when we're moving...that and having Little Man with us will be interesting to see how much we can get done.


  1. Good luck! Moving is so tough, especially with a little one. Take it easy with the PF- you don't want to do any damage.

    1. It's so hard not to over do it for sure! I thinkI was able not to this past weekend because of the Little Man - I needed to take breaks to feed him, play with him, get him settled for naps - so he was my saving grace. Jordan worked is tail off! I felt for him. My mom is coming with us this weekend though, so we'll have more help with packing and with the Little Man.


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