Life Insurance 2.0

I've written quite a few times about life insurance - I know it's something we need...but now that we have Little Man, I'm feeling a lot more pressing urgency to get it taken care of.  There was a medical issue that we needed to get more information on before we felt like we could confidently pursue it, but now that we have some answers - we can go ahead.

I've got some initial quotes from a Sunlife Representative, but want to do a bit more research before we settle on things.

I would love to hear what you guys pay and for what kind of insurance.  I would also love to hear people's thoughts on critical life insurance too.

I still feel like Jordan and I would be wise to have somewhere in the neighbourhood of $300-$500 in term insurance and maybe $25K each of permanent....because there's always costs at end of life no matter what and yes while people should, and you hope to have money to take care of things at the end - the fact is sometimes other crap has happened and you just don't.  I think critical life is important too - I just don't know how much of all of this we can afford right now.



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