I'm not sure what automobile insurance is like outside of Alberta and BC but I can tell you that it's wayyyyyy cheaper in Alberta.

The renewal came up for the Kia so we got organized to switch the policy over - for comparable coverage it's going to be $418 more a year.  On top of that, they charge a premium to pay monthly, unlike Alberta where they just divide the premium by 12.

So, we paid the $1,346 upfront.

The Escape is up for renewal next month... So I'm sure it'll be about the same again. 


  1. It seems we're on the same wavelength- I'm just working on a post on insurance myself. I live in Ontario, and insurance is crazy expensive here, too. Hubby and I have two cars that are fully paid off, we have fairly high deductables, and we pay about $2000 per year. Add in home insurance, and life insurance... we're talking $400 per month. Ouch. I can't believe they charge you to have monthly payments instead of annual- that's a ridiculous cash grab. I would have paid up front, too.

  2. We sure are!

    Jordan and I are trying to figure out the life insurance thing - currently getting quotes. I'm not looking forward to that bill either!


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