Jordan's got a new Job!!

Yes, a new job!

After all that nonsense over his last raise, Jordan entertained an interview request from a connection he had made on LinkedIn.  Several weeks later and some negotiations - he's accepted their offer!  They are going to match his vacation, he'll have a more comprehensive benefits package and salary will be a combination of base salary as well as commission.  He'll rotate working some Saturdays, but when he does - the following weekend will be a three day one.

His base salary will now be $30K, but the potential is as high as $63K.  This is a huuuge variance with Jordan's current salary being just under $55K.  They are going to guarantee his salary at $4,500/month for the first three months as they don't want him to earn less by making the switch; they want to give him enough time to establish himself and to learn the job.

He starts on January 6th and his pay will be bi-monthly - I've never budgeted for an income that was bi-monthly - especially one that has commissions and end of the month and quarter bonuses - so it'll take some work to match that against all of our weekly payment/savings cycles - anyone have any suggestions for that??

His last day will be December 20th, so we'll have a nice long holiday off together - it will be the the first two week holiday we have ever taken together during the Christmas holidays...I'm so excited!


  1. Good for Jordan! Yeah, that BS with the raise would have made me start looking elsewhere. I've had a job that paid bi-monthly and a job that paid commission but not both at the same job. The bi-weekly is easy. You just split the bills that have to be paid by the 15th and the bills to be paid at the end of the month. When I had the job with commission, I used it 100% to pay down debt (didn't look at it as part of my salary) and it helped a lot. Its certainly easier to budget when you don't count it as part of regular salary, it could be split in percentages (% goes to debt % goes to savings % goes to spending) instead of dollar amounts. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks Morgaine! I appreciate the thoughts. I didn't see your comment until after I finished writing tomorrows post - which is basically a whooole bunch of numbers as I try to figure out how to manage this. I don't want to have to change all of my weekly payments but not sure how to handle it all...What you're saying makes sense, to split to the bills before and the bills after; but with everything being automatic I think I need to come up with a personal overdraft to cover the shortfalls until each of my pay days.


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