October Spend Summary

I'm a few weeks late, but here is the October spend summary. I'm actually pretty pleased - it was one thing to post yesterday's write up on the gas savings, but another to see it here - where I've calculated what we actually spent for the month and see that compared against this years average!

Groceries/Costco purchases is a bit lower then normal - so that's a good thing too.

Eating out was wayyyy down - super happy with that.  Entertainment clothes/shoes/hair are all down too.

Reimbursables is the most interesting category - this is Jordan's dental work (so far) and the second of my six courses.  We're crossing our fingers on the reimbursement for my school - but it's not a guarantee...I'll find out the end of December.


  1. I'm always planning to do this same thing, making a list of my expense but ending up not completing it. Kudos to you.

  2. Once you've got a system in place it's not so bad. I run reports from my credit cards and debit cards and dump the data into a spreadsheet. I've got formula's all set up so I just have to enter the categories and all the math is done for me.

  3. Good work on getting your expenses below average in most categories, that's a nice achievement!


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