$1,000 in Winter Tires

So, this year we had to buy six winter tires. A set of four for the new Kia Rio and two for the Escape. Unfortunately we drove over a screw driver last winter and killed one of the Escape's tires...and you really ought to have the same two (tread/depth etc) on the front and the back....

So, seeing as Jordan works in the automotive industry it was his job to get this sorted out for us.

Here's the breakdown he sent me:

2x Hankook RW11's @ $135.32 (for the escape)
4x Hankook W419's @ $110.10 (Kia Rio)
6 tires x $4/tax = $24
4 steel rims @ $49/ea = $196.00 (Kia Rio)

Tax in = $977.60 

To save us money Jordan put the steal rims on the tires and swapped the tires/wheels over on the escape at his workplace shop with the help of one of our very good friends who also works there and is a mechanic.


  1. Glad you got the tires sorted, for a good price. Having winter rims saves a lot of money going forward in the changeovers.

  2. The last time my husband needed new tires, he mounted them himself. It saves so much money. Tires really are a necessary expense.

  3. They so are! We didn't do winter rims for the Escape this year; but in the summer when we swap the tires back we'll do this for them too.


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