Fuel Economy on the Kia Rio

Back in September I had shared that we expected to save approximately $109/month in fuel by purchasing and driving our new Kia Rio then continuing to rely on the Escape as a commuting vehicle.  Well, two months later I am very pleased to tell you that we are doing slightly better than expected.  Except for one receipt where we forgot to right down the KMs here's a breakdown of our fuel ups/kms driven since we purchased the car.

We are averaging 6.65 L/100Km or 35.59MPG! Wahoo!

I would like to see that average push closer to 40MPG, and on the highway I know we can do it (because the week we did it was me driving); but now that we're into commuting in winter conditions there's a lot more stop/go - so we'll see how we make out throughout the rest of the winter.



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