Monthly Spend Report

February was an expensive month - we spent far more in grocery's then we have in quite some time (which is a good thing) but we still managed to spend quite a bit on eating out - though not as bad as we have been in the past.  Booze could have been less, but again not too bad considering where we were a few months agao.

Home Maintenance including a home assessment ($375) among other things - so that really put us over.  Vehicle maintenance also was higher than expected.  I think I've finally got the cell phones off of the credit card, so I'm looking forward to that just being an auto-debit from the chequing account

For a month over month look, feel free to click on the image and you'll see the trends/breakdowns for each month since we started tracking our spending as well as our average.

Our largest area for improvement continues to be eating out/booze - we also aren't setting money aside for pets/home/vehicle maintenance like we should be.  The intent was that would just be 'other' spending when you look at our monthly budget - but we might need to just start putting money away some how for this - need to have a think about that.

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  1. How about making an account for booze/eating out that you fund each week, so you have the cash before you put it on the card? Then you could choose to let it add up if you want to have a special night out.


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