Winter Has Come Back?!

I was planning on writing this brilliant post about my garden. I was going to take before and after pictures share about where my plants have come from and why they are sustainable.

But, it has snowed.


Last weekend when I bought the plants it snowed....then it was nice for a few days and there was hope. Yesterday, my city at a Winter Storm Warning - and this morning the world is covered in fluffy white stuff.

So sad.

So, this lovely spring post about my garden has been put on hold for a slight while.

On a positive note, I received my pay stub (pay day's tomorrow) and I'm really looking forward to posting my bi-weekly budget.  I had a weeks worth of overtime paid out - so I'm about to make some big headway on two goals!


  1. I heard about that snowstorm going your way. Too bad, hope it warms up soon. I plan to do some gardening this year too, I'm new to it though! I look forward to your post.

  2. wow. seriously? SNOW? but it's almost may.

  3. I have meaning to start a garden...but now it's getting colder everyday here. Is it silly to start planting in winter>


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