Shopping in Palm Springs

...was pretty fantastic!

The whole trip was fantastic actually.  I had four glorious days in the sun.  We lounged, we shopped, we swam, we walked, we explored! It was a good time!

Above is a picture of some of the clothes/shoes I picked up.

In total, I spent about $430 on:

  • 9 new work shirts

  • 1 new pair of work pants

  • 2 pairs of work shoes

  • 2 new purses
We shopped in outlet stores - so my shoes for example were regularly $120 (naturalizer) and I got them for $30.  Most of the deals I found were like that - just rediculous low price for very high quality.

I'm pleased!


  1. Nice haul! Glad you had a good time!

  2. Love it! I'm in Palm Springs right now too and about to hit up the outlets tomorrow!! I've never found better deals on shopping than here, so I keep coming back for more! :)

  3. wow! that is a good haul. :)

  4. SO jealous! I love to shop on vacation, but always forget to leave extra room for purchases. Hope you had a lovely trip!


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