April's a Big Month

Not only do I get a raise this month and a third pay cheque.  I'll also have 96 hours of overtime paid out.  I'm going to make some huge strides towards some of my goals and be able to re-evaulate my current goals.

The following bi-weekly budgets (April 16th and April 30th) have some pretty big assumptions about what my new pay will look like and how much my overtime is worth - but I'm hopefully that I've done the math right.

They key things to notice are the gift fund categories and the CSL Lump Sum Pay.

What the above means, is that come the end of April I will have paid off my Alberta Student Loan and reached my Christmas savings goals!!!

That's prety darn incredible if I do say so myself.


  1. Sounds like a great plan for the money!! Can't wait to hear when you've paid off your student loan!

  2. sounds like a great month for you! Enjoy the winfall.

  3. Jessie, that is AWESOME!!! I also have a 3 paycheque month and its helping me pay down $1300 on my consolidation loan. Makes me wish that every month was a 3 paycheque month . . . wishful thinking, I know.

    Good luck, Morgaine.

  4. That is great! Those OT hours really do pay! Christmas and it's only April, that's so good that you no longer have to worry about that! Congrats.


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