so....I lost my phone

...in the Vancouver International Airport.

So sad.

I've contacted the lost and found and as of about 2pm on Tuesday afternoon, it hadn't shown up.  I would have left it there between 11:00am and 1:00pm on Friday. 

So - I have a few options.

1. Just buy a phone from Solo Mobile (my carrier).  This will cost about $100 for a very basic unit.
2. I could cancel with Solo which would cost $260 plus 30 days notice.
   2a. Jordan and I could change his plan to a family plan and we could try to get a wicked unlimited talking to each other for cheaper plan and get a new cell phone for $0
   2b. I could find my own right fit plan and get a new cell phone for $0 and try to get some sort of fab five plan and still have unlimited talking to Jordan.


so... to cancel, or not to cancel?


  1. This is a dilemma. Do you usually over-run your minutes talking to J?

  2. I guess this would be your opportunity to do some really hard thinking eh? My first instinct too would just be to purchase a new phone for $100 but if you are totally unhappy with your cellphone company and want to switch, this would be the perfect opportunity. I bought my last plan out (or my parents did for me!) because our carrier was terrible and we were unhappy. I would seriously look over all your old bills and if you can save that extra $160 ($100 already taken into account that you need a new phone anyways) by switching to your new carrier, then I would switch for sure and look at possibly getting a new plan with your bf to save $$$!

  3. I actually don't. The plan I have now is pretty perfect. The only real benefit for switching (as far as I can see) is to get a fab five plan and have unlimited calling to five numbers nationally. Solo (my current carrier) does not have this feature - but I do have 150 minutes of long distance each month (which I rarely go over)....

  4. have you tried calling yourself? And see who picks up? perhaps someone will pick it up when they hear it rining and return it to you?

  5. tough choices! I would explore all avenues but I wouldn't want to cancel with Solo - that is just too much to pay.

    Second Pear - have you tried to call/text your phone to see what happens?

  6. Does Solo offer a replacement phone as part of your contract, in the event that yours is lost or stolen? I'm with Virgin, and they will provide you with a loaner until you can sort the situation out. You never know, it might still turn up!

  7. @ Jordan has called and texted my phone asking that the person who calls returns it - or calls us... but nothing yet.

    The airport did call to get some more details, but they didn't have my phone (must have had someone elses')

    @eemusings - I think you're right.... I'll probably wind up buying a new Solo phone. We checked a few out last night, but I'm not really loving any of them.

    @Educated Pauper - unfortunately no. And I'm not eligible for an upgrade until July :(


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