Unexpected Expenses

Even great plans with good intentions can run into problems. I have recently set up these finanicial plans and goals to plan for the future and to pay for the now. Unfortunatly some future has come up before I had the $$ saved for the future.

I blogged a few days ago about a fleeting desire to have a new car. Well, my current car a '97 Mazda is now in the shop. The parts will cost just over $300. Most of the labour will be free because my Partner, J, is working on it tonight in his shop. One of his mechanics is going to help but when he worked on J's truck he want $50/hour. I'm not sure what he'll want for me...but I know that it will be cheaper then taking it to a garage in the city and I know I can trust the work being done on it.

Unforutnatly this $300+ expense is on my Visa. As is the new patio set I just bought. Okay.. so the patio set could have been avoided, I had a serious case of misjudgement but I REALY wanted it. Yes, I had a want and I induldged it. I don't feel good about it, but I really love my patio set. It's very cute.

Okay...after this, I will defninatly cut up my credit card. Soon.

As soon as all of these transacations are posted on my credit card, I will re-formulate my credit-card pay off plan and post that.


  1. I love your patio set, too, but you so set yourself up to fail. However, I do not judge you, as you will see next time we visit. It's a secret!

  2. PS You need a spellcheck - the word is neurotic

    And watch the thens when you mean than

  3. I still think we are living within our means. And buy this we have been able to make these purchases and still feel like we have some money... all because we havent been going out for dinner or hitting up the pub... we've been doing the other good thing and not wasting our money in other ventures and "things"

    We'll get to were we need to be so that there arent surprises in the future :)

  4. I love your postive feedback! The longer we do this, the better we'll get at it and the more planning we'll learn to do.


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