Sucess Feels Good!

.... and I think sucess breeds happy, and happy breeds more success.. so this is a good road to be on.

I've just updated my side bar numbers again... I've cleard if almost 64% of my Visa debt!! Thank you taxes!! I'm going to be a hermit this month (try to anyways) and try to get the last $1162 paid off within a month... I think i can *just* barely do it... it might be 6 weeks though instead of four.

It will feel so so so so good.

Once that's paid off, i'll focus on my Canada student loan which has the largest interest rate (after my visa) at 5%.. the alberta student loan has an interest rate of 2.5%.

Currently I put about $60/month on both of them. I think I will put $200, on the Canada loan and $100 on the Alberta loan (again once the visa is paid off). at $300/month they should be paid off in about 2.5 years. Granted - It would be great to pay them off sooner but that will be the game plan for now. If I come into any 'surprise' money, it will go towards this.

Does anyone have other suggestions for paying it off quick? I could get another job, but with my hours it would be challenging. What have people done to make money working from home??


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