Credit Card Debt

I recently posted about a few unexpected expendatures. Everything has been now been posted to Visa, so my new balance owing is $1633. I was having a pretty large case of buyers remorse, but in looking at the numbers I have paid off 49.3% of my credit card debt since starting this blog. I'm happy with that, and one patio set (which was $180) isn't going to ruin me. Nor will $300 or so worth of car repairs.

So, I have a new credit card re-payment plan that is set up with automatic payments. This is my plan:

  • May 1st - $300
  • May 15th - $300
  • May 29th - $300.
  • June 12th - $366.50
  • June 26th - $366.50

In between June 26th and July 1st I will pay off any interest that has accrued and been added to the total owing as well as any automatic payments that have accrued (a video game I play is billed monthly to my credit card as is my cell phone bill).

July 1st, 2009 - $0 balance = credit card debt free = consumer debt free!

Just in time for my birthday (wink, wink)

At that time I will review my student loan payments and my savings goals and make adjustments to my budget.



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