How to ask for a raise in a recession...

I find myself in a place where I have been with my company for 9 months, and this happens to fall smack in the middle of a recession. It certainly doesn’t feel like a good time to ask for a raise, but I feel like I’m worth more money. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Here are some tips to ask for a raise during hard times…

1. Know what your worth!

Do some research to find out what your worth. Do you have a unique skill set, or a lot of experience? Maybe there are other companies currently hiring for your position. Check out these two websites to help you out.

2. Campaign!

You will likely have to prove your worth to your manager. Have you recently found a way to save the company money? Be prepared to present that to your supervisor. Do you have any thank you cards or emails from peers, or people who have more seniority then you? These can be useful in ‘proving’ your worth to your boss.

3. Ask for a Raise!

Something my mom has always told me is that you can’t expect to get something unless you ask for it. So ask, book an appointment with your boss and make sure you practise before asking/presenting your case. Talking about it before hand with a partner or friend can help make sure you ease your jitters before asking the real thing (your boss).

4. Don’t Stop at No!

If the answer is no, it’s okay, don’t forget to breath. Let your boss know that you would like to revist the conversation in 6 months or a years time (depending on where you are at) and ask them what they need to see from you to turn that no, into a yes. If you don’t ask – they probably won’t tell you.

Move forward with the support that they give you and in while you wait for your next meeting, look for more ways to prove yourself to your boss and to your company.

5. Try again!


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