Wills - Getting Closer

We are getting so close to having our wills, POAs, and personal directives written up!  We met with a lawyer almost two weeks ago and are expecting to see drafts of everything soon.  Then we just have to sign, pay and we're done!

It feels so good to be getting that 'end of life' business taken care of.


  1. This is very commendable since many find this task very daunting, myself included.
    How have you found the process?

    1. Finding a lawyer was probably the most difficult part - I actually used a local Facebook group to get recommendations. The next hardest was actually scheduling time; my husband and I both had to take an afternoon off to meet with the Lawyer. We found making decisions about our end-if-life was relatively easy..but we had also talked a LOT about it before even looking for lawyers.

  2. Good on you guys! We're waiting until after baby is born but it will be one of the first things we do once that happens.


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