$1,500 SMASH

I don't usually do a blog post every time I pay debt down - which is just about every pay day - but I think sometimes because I often just tell you where we spend money; maybe you don't know that we pay down significant debt every month.

Today was my pay day; and I just paid:

  • $94.01 on our Mastercard
    • This was from my last physio appointment (reimbursable) and Netflix
  • $98.44 on the AMEX
    • This was Gas and a small grocery shop
  • $750 on the Ford Escape
    • This was because I enjoy paying this off with 'gazelle like intensity'
  • $574.93 on the LOC (minimum is just over $400/month)
    • While our focus is on paying the Escape off, we still have minimum payments to make.
  • $73.55 on the Kia Rio
    • This was because I like round numbers.
Here's where the non-mortgage debt stands after these payments are processed:



  1. Great job! You are getting so close on the Escape.

    1. Thank you!! It feels so good to be this close. I want paying this off to be our Christmas gift to ourselves this year!

  2. Nice work, Jessie! Almost half-way there! And it would be awesome to get the Escape done before Xmas :)


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