Jordan Got a Raise!

Yesterday was a long post about spending money...so today will be a short one about making money.

As many of you know from when Jordan started at his new company back in January this is the first time his pay structure has included a commission structure.  He was put on a temporary salary guarantee until he was training and into the swing of things, which was then extended month-by-month, as he was promoted and continually reassessed as a high-performer.

The good news his the salary guarantee is now permanent - we will never have to worry about his salary being less than $4,500/month.

How commission has worked is that he gets 2% of all sales he makes...and when those earnings take him from his base of $2,500 to the guarantee (so when he's earned $2,000 in commission for the month) - the rest he gets to take home.

Well his job changed so that he's managing a team of 4 and mentoring another 2 people - that and what he's selling has changed.  So his personal potential for earning commission has decreased - but he's making everyone around him a better service/sales agent.


The great news is that he'll now also be earning 0.5% of everyone else's sales!  Which means he'll earn that $2,000 muuuch faster, which means he will actually start to be able to increase his take home pay.

Which makes the budget of the house happy.


Okay, okay - I told you this would be short, and it wasn't...but you read it anyways didn't you!?


  1. Woohoo! That's great news, tell Jordan congrats :)

    1. Jessie's Money13 October 2014 at 09:31

      I will, thanks


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