Another $1,500!!

So after months, and months, and months of waiting, arguing and sending in letters - we have finally been reimbursed for the last phase of Jordan's dental surgery.  A deposit just shy of $1,300 was deposited today and there's a bit of overflow so I have $1,500 to work with.

So...another SMASH on the Escape?

Well yes, but not the whole sum.

We're about to have to pay our $1,000 deductible for our hail claim for the house; and so I've tucked that amount away so we have it handy.

Here's where the $500 is going:

  • AMEX - $117.89
    • This is gas & 85 for a new wine kit....that came from my birthday money, not out of the day-to-day or work-horse budget.
  • Escape - $500
    • I borrowed a few extra bucks from the day-to-day account to round up the payment
    • Remaining owing $3,250
annnd Friday is Jordan's pay day; so hopefully I'll be writing to tell you about another big SMASH once we see how big his commission pay is.



  1. Awesome that you have almost finished paying off the Escape, I admired your determination to paying it off quickly. Calling every payment a snowflake, because every little bit counts no matter how small. Must feel great.


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