Weekly Spending Journal: MMMC - Level 2, Activity 2

Last week, I whined about my spending journal.  Yup, whined!

A big thank you to Morgaine and Money, NZ Muse, & ND Chic who weighed in with some suggestions on how to tackle this a different way.  I've decided to go with  ND's suggestion and visited My 1/2 Dozen Daily.  She did a Spending Journal App review a while back and made a recommendation for Spending Tracker.

It's only been a week, but I'm already a huge fan!  The app she suggested, which happens to be free in the Apple Store is pretty fantastic.  You can get the pro-version for $2.99 which let's you link to Dropbox and export your transactions to excel.  I haven't done it yet, but I definitely want to use that feature.

I'm going to start posting weekly updates on how we're doing staying within our $600/2 weeks on Fridays...starting today!

Here's how the first week went using our new tool.  The first image was taken yesterday, and the second I took this morning - so you can see how it automatically updates based on some of the settings I chose (carry-over).


Items that are normally categorized as groceries such as dog food, cold medicine, and toothpaste are now appropriately tracked. 

One of the great parts about this app - other than it's super easy, not a notebook and has some cool features is that I can take a screen shot and text it to Jordan!  That makes sharing details of our spending with him super simple.  He actually said it was the easiest to understand from any other method we have tried. 

We have $236.61 to last us another week.  I would say wish us luck, but perhaps wish us discipline would be more appropriate.



  1. I'm happy that you liked my suggestion. I really liked how Carla had explained the app. It will work out well for you :)

    1. She did such a great job, thanks again for the suggestion!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Jessie! I tried a couple different apps and didn't find one I liked. I just downloaded this one to give it a try! Good luck and good discipline ;)

    1. I hope you like it as much as we do!

  3. Just curious, what type of phone do you have that you use that with? I'm thinking of getting a tablet because I have a company phone (blackberry) for work. I guess I could use that app with a tablet, right?

    1. I have an iPhone, but it looks like it's available from the Google Store and the Windows Store too.



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