Good News!

For the second week in a row, Jordan and I have remained committed to the our new Spending Tracker!  It is just an amazing, amazing tool.  I even spent the $2.99 to upgrade to the pro-version to sync with DropBox and use the export to e-mail feature.

Also...for the first time...in a very long time, Jordan and I have come under budget for our two week $600/day-to-day spending budget!  I told my mom that last night and she asked how we managed it....well, part of it was Jordan has been away all week for work.  So his gas and food are paid for by his company....but still!  The other part...discipline.  So excited that it's working!

We ate out...twice, early in the week.  Once was Sunday and around $80 for a steak dinner, then it was like tim horton's for a bagel/coffee one morning.

The alcohol was one 15pck of Coors, and two bottles of wine.  Gas was just one tank for the car and groceries was just a few tomatoes and other odds and ends to make a salad.


  1. Glad you guys have found a way to track that works for you! I downloaded that app but haven't tried it yet. I'm all for an easier way to track my spending (although I'm doing well with what I'm doing now too). A steak dinner huh? Celebrating something?

    1. I hope it works for you too! Let me know if it does.

      We were actually :) Jordan's up for a promotion at work! We're so excited - he's moving into a managerial role at the end of the month. They are still working on the details but his salary guarantee is being extended while they sort it out.

  2. Awesome! Just thinking about your spending on alcohol. Booze was killing our budget, then we decided to try out home brewing beer and wine. My husband is very into his beer brewing, though it is time consuming if it doesn't interest you.

    For wine we opted to have it made and bottled at one of the wine kit stores around here. They gave us an amazing recommendation and we just had to help out at certain parts so the laws concerning liquor in this province aren't compromised. Our first wine batch ended up costing us $5-$6 a bottle, but this included the bottles, which can be reused. Future batches should cost us ~$4/bottle.

    These two things reduced our booze budget significantly- even though we probably started consuming more since we weren't feeling so guilty about the cost... whoops!

    1. Hey Janette!

      What a great idea! Jordan tried brewing beer a couple times, but I don't think we took enough time to sterilize things property and it was a fail...but that was maybe 3 or 4 years ago - so definitely worth trying again.

  3. Dad and I made wine kits several times and they were not too shabby, if you buy the better kits.

    1. This, is a great idea! Sounds like a great 30th birthday present idea....just sayin'


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