Spoke Too Soon & Car Trouble

Well, yay.

Apparently I spoke too soon and jinxed it.  Jordan's salary guarantee was supposed to stay in effect...but guess what.  Someone didn't tell payroll about it, because this morning is pay dropped to $1,029...and no commission from March in site.  Crap.


Our Escape is back in the shop...ugh!  The rear windshield washer motor is gone..we we were able to get the old one off, but the bolts were all rusted out (the damn thing is only 4 years old too), we were going to keep fighting with it; but as we were looking at it we heard a hissing sound...yup, we have a screw in the rear tire too.  Seeing as we need to put the summers on, we figured we get them to do the tire repair, but might as well swap the new ones over while they have the car up in the air.

The Escape also has a 200 milli-amp parasitic draw on it that we *think* is coming from the automatic start system...200ma isn't much...but after 4 or 5 days of not being used, the car's dead...and we simply need it to be more reliable then that..especially with camping season coming upon us.

Last but not least, I figured while it was there we should get them to check the hitch that we had installed last year by uHaul.  I've never really liked the look if it, so we're going to get them to have a peak at that too.



  1. Good Grief! Will they get it fixed right away?

    1. They will be issuing a manual cheque in the next couple of days and the Escape should be done end of the week if the parts come in tomorrow like they are supposed to. Crossing our fingers.


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