Spring Cleaning

There's just no point unless the dogs get a bit of a refresher too!  A week ago or so I shared that Jordan and I found a vet and got the pups vaccinations all up to date.  On Monday, they had a date at doggy day-care and the groomers (one place).  They've never been to that particular groomer or kennel before - and it was only an extra $10 to stay the day...that makes sense for us, so neither Jordan or I had to take a day off of work, plus the dogs got to know the place so if they ever have to stay a weekend it will be familiar.

We were quoted $45-60 for Baxter and $75-$100 for Aries - and it turned out to be at the lower end of the scale for each one.  The total wound up being $147 after the daycare fees and taxes.  They were also totally tired!  They lounged in the living room all evening, sooo nice!



  1. Did they just get bathed or actually a haircut? I have a rottie and just bath her these days.. she needs a good 'spring cleaning'.

    1. Bathed, 'de-shedded', ears cleaned and a nail trimming.

  2. That's pretty reasonable for 2 dogs and I'm sure it means a lot less hair around the house :)


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